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A headline this morning on a press release about the 2009 Cone Consumer New Media Study reads, “Four-out-of-Five New Media Users Interact with Companies and Brands Online, up 32% from 2008.”

This isn't so much shocking news as it is confirmation of what we marketers already logically believe. If you're online, you probably want to interact with the brands you're buying in some way.

Mike Hollywood, Cone`s director of new media, is quoted in the release, “There is still an opportunity for forward-thinking companies to establish a presence and earn a competitive advantage. Based on the growth of user interactions with companies, countless purchase decisions are being influenced by new media. It`s imperative to get on board now that the train has left the station.”

Other figures cited:

  • 95% of new media users believe companies/brands should have a presence in new media
  • 89% believe companies/brands should interact with consumers
  • 58% seek out companies/brands on traditional web sites
  • 45% seek out companies/brands via email
  • 30% want to interact in social networks
  • 24% want to interact via online games
  • 61% feel companies/brands top priorities with new media should be to problem solve and provide information

dreamstime_4667953I have to admit that sometimes I feel like an old dog. That's why I giggle a bit when I remember I write for a marketing technology blog. But as a student of human behavior, I know that we all have two things in common: we crave connective communication and we love to innovate.

And so, we'll continue to look for new ways to talk, to tell stories, to share information. If, dear marketer, you aren't taking advantage of these new communication channels as they arise simply because you think they're just fads or useless frivolity, then don't be surprised when you're left behind, standing at the train station with all the other long-faced marketers who wished they'd just stepped one foot on board the high-speed train.

To read more about consumers feelings on corporate responsibility and new media as well as causes and new media, see the release at Reuters or go directly to the Cone study.

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    You feel like an old dog, snap, I used to work in the coal industry as a young man, miner- 69- er changing my skill base I now work in internet marketing. In many ways they both share a common thread which is 'fuel for thought'. I like your analogy with the fast train and the person or people left at the station, it ways up the industry perfectly. There is one thing that puzzles me with the way things are rapidly changing I just wonder where the destination will take us all. Regards Dape

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