Content Marketing is a Balance of Curation and Creation

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As we review topics on Martech Zone to write about, we research their popularity as well as the content that’s already been published. If we believe we can update the topic and add additional details that are key to the topic – we typically take on the task of writing it ourselves. If we believe we can better illustrate the topic through images, diagrams, screenshots or even video – we’ll also take it on.

A good example of this was responsive design. We read a ton of articles out there – there was no shortage! However, when we identified that we could produce a video that explained it well, an article that pointed to its advantages, and an infographic that we could share that someone else had created… we knew we had a winner.

Our push isn’t just to write, it’s to share the best content we can develop. And if you follow Martech Zone on Twitter, Facebook, or anywhere else, you’ll see that we share a ton of content from sites that are very much competing with us for our audience. Why? Because if we can’t do a better job explaining it, why not add value to our audience by sharing the amazing content of others?

If you can’t find a better wheel, don’t reinvent it… share the best one for your audience! If you can invent a better wheel – go for it! A balance of curated and shared content alongside of your created content will yield much better results than your created content alone. This infographic from Rebuild Nation explains why.

Content Creation versus Curation and Sharing

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