How Digital Asset Management Impacts Content Management

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In previous posts, we’ve discussed What Digital Asset Management Is, Why Digital Asset Management is Critical to Marketing Overall, as well as How to Justify the Expense of Digital Asset Management. In this infographic from Widen, they detail the specifics of how digital asset management will help you to deploy a more efficient content management strategy.

Specifically, housing and monitoring your content in a central repository is much more efficient than having content scattered across email, servers, and elsewhere. Your assets are easily searchable and accessible by anyone you wish. You can track usage and repurpose existing media. You can implement processes for review and approval, speeding up the publishing process. And most of fall, digital asset management allows enterprises to gain greater control over content versions, brand guidelines, asset expiration and usage restrictions.

In this infographic, we show how successful marketers have realized that digital content and asset agility is absolutely essential. The reason? Content marketing has proven itself as an unbeatable driver of leads, brand awareness, customer engagement and ROI.

How Digital Asset Management Assists with Content Management

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