Content is King… But Only One Wears the Crown


You've heard the saying everywhere, Content is King. I don't believe that's changed, nor do I believe it ever will. Whether it's companies writing about their products and services, earned media outlets writing about them, shared media outlets sharing them, paid media outlets promoting them… it's content that drives influence, authority, and purchase decisions.

The problem comes when everyone is under the belief that their content is king. Let's be honest, most content is terrible. It's often production-line, evergreen content that lacks character, a story, or anything to differentiate itself. Or it's marketing-speak, the common denominator of content chiseled down through layers of bureaucracy and micromanagement.

Neither, of course, is worthy of the crown. Your content can't be king unless it's unique, remarkable, and wins the battle. Want to be King? (Or Queen – content has no gender). Here are some tips:

  • Dress the part – The King doesn't wear clothes of the commoner, his dress is outlandishly decorated with precious stones, precious metals, and the finest linens. How does your content look?
  • Command your court – The King isn't quiet. He doesn't whisper his words, he bellows them at the top of his voice. He's confident and independent. Is your content?
  • Destroy your enemies – If you want to be King, you have to rule your kingdom. Have you compared your content to your competitors? It can't be close; it must smite them with research, media, voice, and impact. Take no prisoners.
  • Deploy your knights – It's not enough to sit still in your kingdom. Your content needs to be carried to the ends of the Earth by those who've sworn their allegiance. Employee advocates, influencers, and your audience should be carrying your message to the masses.
  • Provide lavish gifts – Neighboring kingdoms are only a few gold coins away. Don't be afraid to spoil the royalty in neighboring kingdoms with lavish gifts. In other words, King Zuck owns a great audience – pay him!

Hey, it's good to be King. But you're only a guillotine away from losing your head. Be prepared to defend your land and reign terror on your enemies.

What do you think?

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