Content Marketers: Stop Selling + Start Listening


It’s no easy task to come up with content that people actually want to read, especially since content is one area where quality always prevails over quantity. With consumers being inundated with massive amounts of content daily how can you make yours stand out above the rest?

Taking the time to listen to your customers will help you create content that resonates with them. While 26% of marketers are using customer feedback to dictate content strategy, only 6% have optimized this method. Content should be grounded in research-based customer insights, such as surveys and interviews. Ask your customers if they find your content meaningful and don’t forget to listen. A sale lasts a moment, but customer engagement can last a lifetime. In the infographic below, Captora takes a look at where many content marketers are missing the mark and how they can change their game to bring in the business they desire.



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