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Your Complete Content Marketing Checklist

Textbroker has put together this infographic on The 5 Steps to a Successful Content Strategy. The 5 areas are:

  1. Audit and Analysis
  2. Goal Definition
  3. Development and Planning
  4. Creation and Seeding
  5. Monitoring and Controlling

If I were to squeeze anything in, it would be Promotion. While seeding with influencers is helpful, paid content promotion through social channels, native advertising, and pay-per-click are amazing strategies. Typically, we begin promotion after validating that the content is resonating with the audience and driving engagement and conversions.

The goal is similar to utilizing influencers – you want to promote your content to relevant audiences that you currently don’t reach. Influencer marketing does have an edge because the influencers typically have built trust and authority with their audiences so you may see a better conversion rate with them – but that shouldn’t stop you from paid promotion as well.

Kudos to the authors of this great checklist. We’re still pushing back with many companies on their production strategy. Imagine you’re working at a production plant building widgets. Would you keep producing widgets if no one was buying them? Why do companies continue producing content that no one is engaging with? They’re wasting time, money, and may even be hurting their sales rather than helping it.

Having a clear strategy is an essential element for the success of any content marketing campaign. Given that the content marketing sector is so young, though, there are hardly any well-established routines or courses of practice. Knowing what to include in a content strategy, how it should work, how everything should be integrated and realized – these are all factors that many companies figure out on a trial and error basis.

Complete Content Marketing Checklist

Content Marketing Checklist

Douglas Karr

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