12 Ideas to Differentiate Your Content Marketing


I love the fact that our readers stick with us even though we don’t get too wildly creative. Curating and publishing a ton of infographics helps differentiate our publication from others out there – but we’ve not gone too far beyond that. Our podcast interviews series with marketing leaders is one effort, and our MarketingClips® is another.

Most of the reason we stick to concise textual content is purely from an efficiency standpoint. We have a ton of topics to write about and not too many resources. This infographic from Oracle is inspiring me to get a bit more creative, though. The infographic, 12 Awesome Content Marketing Ideas (That Aren’t Blog Posts), provides some great tips for varying your content.

  1. Quiz – Write your content as a quiz  Tweet This!.
  2. Twitter – Release content in chunks on Twitter  Tweet This! (this is why we built the TweetThis WordPress plugin).
  3. Charts – Differentiate your content with unique charts  Tweet This!.
  4. Case Study – Spotlight a customer and share a case study  Tweet This!.
  5. Comic Strip – Write your content in an easily shareable content strip  Tweet This!.
  6. Text Message – Ask a survey via SMS and share the results  Tweet This!.
  7. Series – Write a multi-part series to keep folks coming back  Tweet This!.
  8. Share – Curate and share content on a social content site like Pinterest  Tweet This!.
  9. Interviews – Use an interview format and share the responses from experts.  Tweet This!.
  10. Unusual – Try different styles, mouseovers, and interactive formats to engage readers  Tweet This!.
  11. Glossary – Write a guide or glossary  Tweet This! (and keep it up to date!).

We also love sharing audio, video, previewing reports and white papers, and – of course – infographics. What other content marketing ideas have you experimented that have worked well? Feel free to comment and share!

Content Marketing Ideas

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