2019 Content Marketing Statistics

Content Marketing Statistics

Finding the right promotional tool which not only reaches the audience but creates a connection with the viewers is a difficult thing. Over the past few years, marketers have been focused on this issue, testing and investing in various methods to see which one works best. And to nobody’s surprise, content marketing held the number one spot in the world of advertising. 

Many assume that content marketing has been around only for the past few years since the internet became globally famous for facilitating the fastest ever trading of information. 

However, if we take a closer look, we can actually see that the method of content marketing has been around since the 19th century. What’s more, it has helped the continuing development of various industries.

Here’s the thing:

It all started in the late 19th century. The technological advances in communications and transportation were the first major changes in society which allowed companies to build stronger connections with their customers. A good example of how this came about can be taken from the year 1885 when The Furrow magazine provided information and advice to farmers on how to improve their business. By the year 1912, it had amassed more than four million regular readers. 

Another example comes from the French tire company Michelin, which developed a 400-page guide that offered information to drivers based around travel advice and auto maintenance. 

Information from history reveals that content marketing went through a major change and hit an early peak around 1920 when radio was invented. Buying on-air time and sponsoring popular programs became the best method to promote and advertise. It worked wonders for marketers who immediately recognized its potential at the time. 

An excellent example of this trend can be taken from the company Oxydol Soap Powder, which started sponsoring popular radio serial drama. Its target audience was closely specified to be housewives, and the brand not only became largely successful – its sales skyrocketed. This set some new standards in the advertising game, and since then, things have only improved. 

Fast forward to the present day, and marketers have shifted their focus to digital distribution of content with the rise of the computer, the smartphone, and the Internet. 

One thing remains unchanged, though: 

Content marketing remains one of the best promotional and advertising methods. Marketers are developing innovative strategies, fresh content, and new ways to engage with their audience and give them more of what they want. Social media and websites are becoming the new target space, and since people of every age use the internet, there is no limit to what group becomes the next target.

It is clear that content marketing has made crucial contributions to the historical advancement of several industries. All that remains now is to sit back and observe what happens next in this billion-dollar industry.

We hope you learned some useful information from this article that you can hopefully use to your advantage. 

Content Marketing Statistics and Facts

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