7 Steps to Content Marketing Success

content marketing competition

It shouldn’t be a question anymore about the value and performance of a solid content marketing strategy. Your business needs a consistent heartbeat of content streaming from it that gets the attention of prospects, builds your authority and trust online, and ultimately drives conversions through your inbound and outbound marketing channels. No surprises from this infographic from Smart Insights – but building a competitive content marketing strategy is nicely formulated in this easy digestible infographic.

To help you review or benchmark how well you compete with your content marketing, for each step in the infographic, I’ve included relevant research from our free Managing Content Marketing in 2014 research report Smart Insights created with Hubspot.

The 7 Steps to Content Marketing Success

  1. Benchmark your current use of content marketing.
  2. Develop a content marketing strategy.
  3. Understand customer and brand needs from content.
  4. Make the smart investments in content marketing.
  5. Select the best mix of resources.
  6. Create the most effective content formats.
  7. Use analytics to review ROI and value.


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