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Conversions, Content and Rock Operas

Content Website ConversionWhat does the Who’s Rock Opera Tommy have to do with website Conversion?  Only everything!

The legendary rock group The Who transformed Rock & Roll with their Landmark Rock Opera Tommy (1969).  Want to transform your website Conversion Rates (2011)?

  • “How do you think he does it?
  • “I don’t know.”
  • “What makes him so good?”

What makes him so good?  Content.

See Me …

Anticipate my needs.  I can’t see or touch your products since I only have what you put in front of me when I reach your website.

Feel Me …

Know why I buy.

What are my desires or pain points?  What makes you uniquely suited to solve my problem?

Although you’re tempted to do so, do not assume that all I care about is price.  Case (Study) in point:

An equipment leasing company tries to compete on price; they are among the most expensive in their category.  What matters most to the people who buy from them?  Convenience and Availability!

This company has two dozen+ locations across North America and their pricey equipment is “always in stock”.  Guess what?  They weren’t telling me this.

Because of the high price, I need a little extra love.  I like to talk with someone before making a commitment to buy.  Phone number?  Not featured on the site or in the PPC ad extensions.  Oops!

Touch Me …

Don’t rely on images alone to sell me your products or services.  Create quality content for each individual product or service.  Educate, Entertain, and Inform me.

  • Have stellar content for everything!  How many product pages have you looked at that have zero content?  No content, no context, and no sales.
  • Do not ever use industry jargon or clichés.
  • KISS (keep it simple, stupid) me.
  • Be consistent.  Speak in a single voice.  Don’t run amok with mixed messaging originating from multiple stakeholders.
  • Draw me in with an active voice.  Lead with the benefits in a compelling way, e.g., “Increases ROI 50% in 50 days …
  • No hype, please.  Don’t piss down my back, and tell me it’s raining.  Argue for, explain the benefits of, your product/service, but never ask me to climb a mountain when all you have to sell me is a mole hill.  Misrepresentation = missed sales!
  • Embrace convention.  Interaction is based on the “universal collective,” which is based on each visitor’s 100s or 1000s of experiences across the web.  Being different is not enough to touch me.

Heal Me …

Spell … it … out:  how do you solve my problem or satisfy my need?

This should be simple, right?  It isn’t.  Again, how many sites have you visited that do not address your needs?  How many make it hard to find what I want?

Let me explain – there’s no time – let me sum up:

  • Make it easy for me to find what I want
  • Inform and engage with clear, concise, and consistent content
  • Showcase your product/service benefits
  • Move me
  • Be the answer to my desire/need

Create quality content and you’ll have visitors “seeking excitement at your feet.”

Chris Bross

Chris is a partner of EverEffect, specializing in Pay Per Click Account Management, SEO Consulting, and Web Analytics. Chris has over 16 years of Internet experience with Fortune 500 companies and expertise in directing and implementing online experiences to promote business, products and services.

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