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How Colors and Fonts Impact Consumer Behavior

While most marketers intuitively understand that fonts and colors are important to good design, many don’t get how powerful they truly are, often basing their opinions on grand claims instead of solid data. So, what does the reliable science say? Research on consumers’ first reactions to new products has found: The team at MDG Advertising sifted through the latest research to uncover the key things marketers need to know about the huge impact that color and typography have on attracting and engaging consumers. Ultimately, the learnings from typography research are similar to the learnings from color


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Scenery: Screen Mock-Ups of Apple Watch, iPad, or Mac

This week, we’re launching a new site for a SaaS vendor and we wanted to add some great shots of their platform in use in the office, on iPhone, and on iPads. I was having a chat with my colleague Isaac Pellerin, a seasoned marketer in the industry, about the difficulty in both finding great stock images and the talent needed to place and adjust the lighting on the images. He immediately pointed to Scenery, a desktop application for Mac, which can be used to easily build out the necessary stock photos that you need.


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Design Wizard: Create High-Quality Graphical Content in Minutes

The pressure on marketers, business owners and entrepreneurs to produce high quality, original campaigns has never been as intense as it is right now. Without design knowledge and creative strategies it’s going be increasingly difficult to keep up with the rising standard. Design Wizard is an online graphic design software that offers people a quick, easy and affordable solution to creating visual content.  Every day there are over 1.8 billion images posted online and the vast majority of these are promotional images. Along with business templates, invitations, and cards, Design Wizard offers graphical templates for:


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Design Trends for 2018

We’re working with a client that is moving up from medium-sized businesses to enterprise businesses and one of the key strategies is to graphically redesign their website – new fonts, new color scheme, new patterns, new graphic elements. All of these visual indicators will assist a visitor that their site is focused on enterprise companies rather than smaller ones. I believe a lot of design agencies miss the subtleties that may cause a visitor to exit a site and choose a competitor simply because the site doesn’t “feel” right to them… it happens every day.


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Thrivehive: Complete Online Marketing Solutions for Your Local Business

Hiring an agency to build out your site and lead generation isn’t always affordable to the small business… until now. ThriveHive combines actual human guidance with easy-to-use technology to make marketing your business easy, effective, and affordable. With ThriveHive’s Guided Marketing Platform and digital marketing services, you can eliminate the guesswork, maximize your time, and get back to what’s really important—running your business. The Guided Marketing Platform includes a customized marketing plan, expert coaching, a search engine-optimized website, and a marketing software platform. From the platform you can track and view leads, manage contacts, update