Keep Press Releases in your 2009 Marketing Strategy

Reading Time: < 1 minute Good friend Lorraine Ball, who runs an Indianapolis marketing agency called Roundpeg, has worked with me over the last year on a couple of clients. One of my lessons learned from Lorraine is the incredible reach that press releases still get. It’s amazing how many outlets republish releases – and how many that eventually get into blogs. This can be huge for backlinking, authority, and getting the word out on your company. Perhaps most notable

Marketing to Intent, Not Eyeballs

Reading Time: 2 minutes Old school marketers always seem to get hung-up on the number of eyeballs. I’ve always been a database and direct marketer, so I liked getting the right eyeballs rather than pushing advertisements in front of all of them. Businesses like the Yellow Pages like to tout the big numbers, too. I read once that 87% of the U.S. Population used the Yellow Pages in 2007. In reading the fine print, this was assumed through a

4 Days Lost from the Internet

Reading Time: < 1 minute Since Wednesday evening, this is really the first time I’ve been able to sit down and actually look at my screen. Thursday my fever started and the next 48 hours was an action packed race of trying to maintain more fluids in that were being violently expelled from my body. I feel like a month has gone by: Tens of thousands of tweets. 3,967 unread feeds in my feed reader. 242 emails in my personal

You Don’t Need an SEO Expert!

Reading Time: 2 minutes There… I said it! I said it because I see all of the money spent on search engine optimization by small to mid-size businesses and I think it’s a racket. Here’s my view of the search engine optimization industry: The majority of Search Engine Optimization falls within writing great content, attracting authoritative backlinks to that content and following a few important best practices. These are all basics that anyone can follow – but most do

Who’s Holding Your Oil Can?

Reading Time: 2 minutes All day – every day – folks email me, text me, twitter me, visit me, call me and instant message me with questions regarding domains, capabilities, CSS, competition, keyword strategies, client issues, sales positioning, marketing strategies, blogging, social media, etc. I get invitations to speak, to write, to help, to meet… you name it. My days are busy and incredibly fulfilling. I’m no genius but I have a lot of experience and people recognize it.