Humanity and Trust in Blogging

I’m watching the news today and there’s a lot of talk about the skewed view of politics and how each candidate has been presented and investigated. Mass media is still playing a huge role in the election as well, as we see millions of dollars being thrown into television advertising. It’s a filthy election and one that I’ll be happy to see the end of soon. The highlight of the campaign has really been the

Take the 60 Second Blogging Challenge

I wanted to share this with you folks, this is a cool way to get leads through to a demo on your website – and it’s working well with my company, Compendium Blogware.

Content Tip: Monroe’s Motivated Sequence

My son, Bill, is taking a speech class at IUPUI and shared with me a technique taught for persuasive speeches, Monroe’s motivated sequence. I’m sure it’s one of those lessons I took but eventually forgot since I’ve not been in class for a very, very long time. Basically, Alan H. Monroe put together a sequence of steps within a speech that provided the best results in persuasion. As you read through the steps and the

Corporate Sponsorship

If I could sell patches on my suit, I think I could start a bidding war between Papa John’s, Donato’s and Dominoe’s:

Do Comments Equal Conversions?

I did some analysis of my blog this weekend to look for a correlation between my search engine results, my most popular blog posts, the posts with the most comments, and the posts that actually resulted in revenue due to consulting or speaking engagements. There was no correlation. Reviewing my most popular posts, you’ll find WordPress Contact Form, Huntington Bank Sucks, I left Basecamp, and the length of an Email Address carry the most traffic.