What’s your Strategy for Customer Recovery?

Reading Time: 2 minutes In many posts I’ve spoken about “get, keep and grow” strategies for companies to grow their business, but one aspect I don’t think I’ve ever written about is recovering customers. Since I’m in the software industry, I’ve rarely seen customers return so we’ve not incorporated tactics to try to win a customer back. That’s not to say it should not be done, though. I’m at the WebTrends Engage conference and CEO Alex Yoder discussed the

Five Questions to Assess Your Sales and Marketing Alignment

Reading Time: 2 minutes This quote has really stuck with me the past week: The aim of marketing is to make selling superfluous. The aim of marketing is to know and understand the customer so well that the product or service fits him and sells itself. Peter Drucker With resources shrinking and the load of work increasing for the average marketer, it’s difficult to keep the goal of your marketing efforts top of mind. Every day we deal with

Skip The Resume and the Job Fair

Reading Time: < 1 minute On Sunday, I was working on another startup’s plans and had a discussion with all of my partners about transparency and the Internet. It’s no different. As business leaders, they need to be out in front of the herd, need to have their presence known, need to have photos out there that people can see. They need to step outside their natural shell of being introverts if they want us to get funded and find

What is your Blog’s RFM?

Reading Time: 3 minutes At work I’ll be doing a webinar this week. The topic has been on my mind long before working for Compendium Blogware, though. In the early days of my database marketing career, I helped develop and design software that would assist marketers to index their customer base. The equation never changes, for quite some time it’s been all about recency, frequency and monetary value. Depending on a customer’s buying history, you could influence their behavior

Ignore, Measure and Focus

Reading Time: 2 minutes Gregg Stewart has an outstanding post speaking to Marketing Integration in a Decentralized World. When you get a chance, please read the post and consider – not just the advice – but the solutions that are offered. One of the solutions mentioned was Aprimo. Aprimo is an Indianapolis-based company that I had the pleasure of speaking with over the last few weeks about social media, search engine optimization and blogging. With the buzz of all