Why the movie industry is failing, the sequel

Reading Time: 2 minutes Last December, I wrote an entry on why the movie industry is failing. Perhaps I should have written why it is failing ‘us’. Ironically, here’s the sequel to that entry. Tonight, the kids and I went and saw Pirates of the Caribbean, Dead Man’s Chest. They should have simply called it, Pirates of the Caribbean, Let’s Milk as Many Movies out of this as We Can. The effects in the movie were incredible and the

Bearish on Blogs

Reading Time: < 1 minute News.com – Bearish on Blogs Forbes.com – The MySpace Bubble A couple of interesting notes on the explosion of blogs. As with any ‘bubble’, folks are already talking about the ‘burst’. My personal take is that Nick Denton isn’t getting ‘bearish on blogs’, he’s getting bearish on bad blogs as a revenue source. Blogs will continue to develop over time and integrate into every aspect of the web. However, as with any web site, content

Resort Publications Launched!

Reading Time: < 1 minute After a few weeks of no sleep and lots of hours, I’ve launched Resort Publications with a friend of mine, Chris Baggott. The idea is something that Chris thought of but I’ve been spoken about in many of my blog entries. Topical and regional web logging (blogging) continues to be on the upswing. The internet is kind of like looking out in space… the room for additional sites is infinite and growing faster and faster.

What a day!

Reading Time: 2 minutes My daughter gave me a call today after receiving a package in the mail from Jones Soda. This company is incredible! As a thanks for the work I did on a custom My Jones Music MP3 player skin, Jones sent out a thank-you package. Wow! It contained a sweatshirt, some bumper stickers, some other stickers, a keychain, lip balm, and a pin!!! I can’t say enough about this company. To go out of their way

Indianapolis Colts

Reading Time: < 1 minute This Friday, I had the honor of attending a meeting with some very well-represented firms and local industry leaders to work with the Colts on their ongoing efforts to “Make it Personal” with their fans. This is a fantastic organization and they have my utmost respect. They are utilizing every resource they can possibly get a hold of in order to improve relationships with their fans, and bring them as close to the organization as