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Accelerated Mobile Pages are a Must, But Don’t Forget Analytics!

to This last month I’ve been working with a client that’s seen a noticeable decline in organic search traffic over the last year. We’ve fixed quite a few issues with the site that could impact rankings; however, I was missing one key factor in reviewing their analytics – Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP). What is AMP? With responsive websites becoming the norm, the size and speed of mobile sites is greatly impacted, often slowing down the sites and providing user experiences that aren’t uniform. Google developed AMP to correct this, significantly pairing down the pages to


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5 Design Elements that Work Well for Mobile Conversion

Despite a rise in mobile usage, many websites deliver a poor mobile experience, forcing potential customers off-site. Business owners who have only just learned to navigate the desktop space are finding it difficult to make the transition to mobile. Finding the right aesthetic alone can be problematic. Business owners have to work hard to understand their target audience and build their layout and design around buyer personas. Appealing to potential customers is always easier said than done. The goal, however, is to match a great site design with easy cues for customers to make a


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Kaon AR: A B2B Augmented Reality Platform

Kaon Interactive is a provider of 3D interactive sales and marketing engagement applications. Available on the Kaon High Velocity Marketing Platform™, Kaon AR™ is the first B2B marketing application that enables companies to place a fully scaled 3D digital representation of their physical product in their customers’ actual environment. On Tango-enabled mobile devices, such as the Lenovo Phab 2 Pro, users can explore product features, unique differentiators, and marketing messages, while demonstrating product workflow and process in simulated, real-life business environments. This can provide a much better engagement in remote sales, trade show environments, briefing centers, analyst briefings,


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2017 Web Design and User Experience Trends

We really did enjoy our previous layout on MarTech but knew that it appeared a bit aged. While it was functional, it just didn’t acquire new visitors as it once did. I believe people arrived at the site, thought it was a bit behind on its design – and they made the assumption that the content might be as well. Simply put, we had an ugly baby. We loved that baby, we worked hard on that baby, we were proud of our baby… but it was ugly. To advance the site, we did a lot


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CX versus UX: The Difference Between Customer and User

CX/UX – Only one letter different? Well, more than one letter, but there are a lot of similarities between Customer Experience and User Experience work. Professionals with either focus work to learn about people by doing research! The Similarities of Customer Experience and User Experience Customer and User Experience goals and process are often similar. Both have: A sense that business is not just about selling and buying, but about satisfying needs and providing value while making money. A concern about the problems that happen when we make assumptions and respect for the power of