ContentVerse: Document Management and Workflow Automation

document management software2

Much of the corporate world is still using and deploying their content via Microsoft Office platforms. If you want to maintain version control of your documents and automate workflows, it's nearly impossible without a good workflow automation tool and a document repository to maintain versioning while collaborating.

Marketing agencies – especially with content marketing strategies – produce a ton of this content in traditional desktop applications. And operating system searches aren't always the easiest way to find the documents, nor are backups the most optimal way of archiving them. ContentVerse is an inexpensive alternative, paid per user, to store, search, find and archive our documents – regardless of what type they are.

  • Document Management – email, scan, drag-and-drop, batch, capture, direct save, right-click.
  • Edit content – live feedback with markups: annotations, redactions, custom stamps, approvals, sticky notes, highlights, electronic signatures, comments.
  • Search & manage – File naming and storing in familiar filing cabinet and folder structure, indexed for immediate full-text search and retrieval.
  • Automate content – Automatic sharing of information with task-oriented notification alerts in a GUI-based workflow.
  • Share content – Changes to files are tracked in the system – every version of any file available for reference.
  • Purge when it's time – Retention policies for automatic removal or archiving of obsolete information.

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