Conversion In A Box

conversion in a box

Conversion In A Box is a combination of landing page, form and data administration, automated email response, and analytics in a single solution. Conversion In A Box helps you turn any webpage into a conversion strategy. Upload compelling content to our secure servers and we’ll generate form code that you can easily paste into blog posts, Facebook pages, websites, landing pages, etc.

Additional features for Conversion In A Box include:

  • Identify Your Audience – Gather information about your audience with their web collection forms, built by you, for you.
  • Share Your Content – Offer downloadable content like a PDF, JPG, PNG, EPS, TIF, MP3, MP4, MV3, XLS, DOC, PAGES, PPT, and more, to incentivize opt-in.
  • Track Success – Monitor campaign success through download and opt-in statistics. Improve campaign success with A-B testing.
  • Qualify Leads – Bad emails, spam, and web-bots are annoying. Use their qualifier to ensure the data you download or migrate is authentic.
  • CRM & ESP Integration – One click integration with popular CRM and ESPs makes migrating subscriber information a piece of cake. Data is also CSV ready.

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