CoPromote: A Social Promotion Platform for Publishers


CoPromote is a social marketing platform where users opt in to share one another’s content. CoPromote is a network of publishers recommending one another.

Some of the key features of CoPromote that help brand/content creators increase their organic reach include:

  • Intent – All CoPromote members sign up to the service with the intent to share another’s messaging, whereas with Facebook, the sharing of 3rd party content is second-mind.
  • Engagement – The average share rate on CoPromote is 10% for Facebook Campaigns and 15% for Twitter Campaigns, compared with general social media engagement rates – Facebook (0.10%) and Twitter (0.04%).
  • Reach – CoPromote users are able to get an average of 26x more shares per post by sharing through CoPromote’s network than on their own networks.
  • Visibility – CoPromote helps boost visibility of posts by feeding the Facebook algorithm – the more diverse, engaging content, the more reach our members get. CoPromote helps members implement the 33:33:33 rule where 1/3 of the posts are about them, 1/3 of the posts are about their followers and 1/3 are about useful information for their followers.
  • Integration – CoPromote works seamlessly with Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, SoundCloud, Vimeo and WordPress. Instagram, LinkedIn, Youtube Hootsuite and JetPack are coming soon.

Note: I tested the system for several weeks and, unfortunately, never saw promotions from great publishers – it seemed it was all get rich quick, affiliate marketers and multi-level marketing schemers. I never found anything to promote so I couldn’t get our content promoted. While I love the notion of the system – they need to really improve their clientele. I’d recommend making it a closed system where I pay to setup my own network of folks to copromote with.

What do you think?

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