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In 2006 I was pushing for developers to adopt edit-in-place technologies… and they didn’t. Six years later and I’m still scratching my head that no one has developed a great content management system utilizing edit-in-place technologies.

It appears that Copybar is solving the edit-in-place conundrum for everyone by building a universally integrated service. Copybar utilizes the APIs offered by many content management systems and provides you a simple means to edit your site in place, whether you’re using Shopify or WordPress. They also offer their own API so that other content management system providers can integrate their toolset easily.

To Install and Configure Copybar

  1. Copy your Copybar Snippet – Every Copybar snippet features your account name and a unique element name. Type it by hand, our use our amazing Copybar Snippet Generator.
  2. Paste it where you want it – You can place Copybar elements almost anywhere you can enter HTML. An HTML file on your webhost. In your WordPress editor in the <html> view. In the theme settings for Tumblr or Shopify. How creative will you be with your Copybar elements?
  3. Click ‘Add Copy’ – Load your page (it needs to be live with a server). Click on the new ‘Add Copy’ button, do your thing, and then click ‘Save’. Your Copybar element looks like a native part of your page, but you can continue to edit it live. And you can add collaborators so they can edit it, too.

Copybar isn’t just the actual toolbar, there’s an entire administrative interface available behind the scenes for you. Copybar has tools to manage all your copybar elements from one intuitive web app. You can track each and every one of your Copybar elements, where they appear, and who else is collaborating on them.

copybar pages

Pricing is pretty amazing, just $4.95 per month for unlimited elements, unlimited collaborators and the ability to toggle the Copybar badge on or off.

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