Corporate Blogging for Dummies: An Interview with Douglas Karr

corporate blogging video 1 douglas karr

Rocky Walls and Zach Downs from Twelve Stars Media came down to the DK New Media office and shot video of Chantelle and I for a couple videos we wanted to put on the Corporate Blogging Tips site.

This was a fantastic session. None of the content was scripted nor rehearsed. We reviewed our goals prior to the shoot:

  1. Promote the release of the book, Corporate Blogging For Dummies.
  2. Promote the site and corporate blogging on Twitter and Facebook.
  3. Promote Chantelle and I speaking and educating companies on Corporate Blogging strategies.

There are two videos. Chantelle is focused on 2 of the goals in her video and I'm focused on 2 of the goals in mine. We'll show Chantelle's video this afternoon or you can view it at Corporate Blogging Tips. Rocky did the interview (you'll notice he doesn't actually show up in a video!) and then helped us refine the responses through a few takes each. The end result, along with some fantastic editing, was the masterpiece that you see above!

What do you think?

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