Corporate Blogging for Dummies: An Interview with Chantelle Flannery and Douglas Karr

Rocky Walls and Zach Downs from Twelve Stars Media came down to our office and shot videos of Chantelle and me for a couple of videos we wanted to put on the site.

This was a fantastic session. None of the content was scripted or rehearsed. We reviewed our goals before the shoot:

  1. Promote the release of the book Corporate Blogging For Dummies.
  2. Promote the site and corporate blogging on Twitter and Facebook.
  3. Promote Chantelle and I speaking and educating companies on Corporate Blogging strategies.

Chantelle Flannery: Corporate Blogging for Dummies

Douglas Karr: Corporate Blogging for Dummies

Rocky did the interview (you’ll notice he doesn’t show up in a video!) and helped us refine the responses through a few takes each. The result, along with some fantastic editing, was the masterpiece that you see above!

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