CoSchedule: Editorial and Social Publishing Calendar for WordPress


Wow… just wow. I had read about CoScedule a couple months ago and finally had some time to sign up for the trial and give it a test drive. Absolutely fantastic plugin with many more capabilities that I had imagined.

The ability to look at your WordPress blog with an editorial calendar of posts had been done before, even with drag and drop capabilities. CoSchedule takes the editorial calendar to an entirely new level, though. Rather than making the calendar simply a view, they've actually made an entire user interface into the production of content for your blog as well as the social sharing of it.

Here are some features I absolutely love:

  • Future Social Promotion – there are plenty of social promotion plugins, including the capabilities of Jetpack to publicize posts across social channels. CoSchedule takes it up a few notches though with the ability to publish the social promotion in the future days, weeks or months!
  • Draft Pane – you may think I'm a nut, but I have about 30 drafts in my blog right now. It's not that I've forgotten about them, sometimes I contact the company I'm writing for additional information. Sometimes I forget I have so many drafts… but the CoSchedule Calendar has a sidepane that appears with all your posts when you mouseover it. You can then drag and drop the post to the calendar when you wish to publish it!
  • Team Assignments – start a new post on the calendar and you can assign it to one of your authors, a fantastic way to manage your team and ensure you're getting a balanced submission of posts from everyone (or a topic from someone specific) with the expectation of a publish date!
  • Integrations – Seamless Buffer integration as well as Bitly for URL shortening, Google Analytics for campaign tracking, Custom Analytics (if you're running something like Webtrends or Site Catalyst), and even Google Calendar integration to view your posts on your own calendar!

What do you think?

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