CrankWheel: Bypass Scheduling and Downloads With Instant Browser-Based Demos

CrankWheel Instant Demos

Every interaction that’s required between a prospect with an intent to make a purchase and the ability for your sales team to help them convert is likely to reduce the chances of conversion. That includes time to respond, number of clicks, number of screens, number of form elements… everything.

The sales professionals that I know just want to get in front of the prospect. They know that once they can speak to the prospect, identify their problem, and walk them through the solution… they are more likely to convert them into a client.

Many companies make that experience terrible, though. We make them fill out pre-qualification forms, we make them request information, we them schedule their own appointments… and then we’re surprised that our ability to get qualified leads over to our sales department has an awful conversion rate.

CrankWheel Instant Demos

What if, with a single field, you could instantly route a prospect’s request to an open sales team member? You simply request their phone number, the sales team member engages them… and without any software downloads or additional steps… they can begin demonstrating your product or service?

CrankWheel Instant Demos is that solution. Sales leaders around the world use CrankWheel to instantly share their screen with prospects — no download required. Using their Chrome Extension, your sales team can show your prospects your screen on either their mobile device or desktop in less than 10 seconds.

Not only that, because they’re sharing their phone number… CrankWheel also attempts to identify and return critical data on the prospect so that you can have a head start on understanding who they are, their company, and whether or not they’ll likely qualify as a lead.

During my daily meetings with prospects, I use CrankWheel to present our web service. It really helps me to show features quickly and without installing any program on the prospect’s computer.

Quentin Roquet, CEO of Progenda

CrankWheel Features and Benefits

CrankWheel users are seeing a 22x increase in the number of demos they’re able to initiate thanks to Instant Demos.

  • Conversational lead capture – Get more leads thanks to fully customizable conversational forms you can drop on your website or in e-mail campaigns. Instantly notify sales reps about online prospects waiting for a call, on-screen, and by text message.
  • Lead enrichment – Make practical use of sparse contact information by enriching it with relevant information such as location, company, social links etc. Create fuller CRM records and know more about your lead.
  • Integration – Answer website-generated leads instantly without having to integrate multiple sales enablement apps. Easily add a Call me Now or Request a Demo button to your website. Leads can flow directly into your CRM or other systems using one of the multiple available integrations.

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A Walk-Through of CrankWheel Instant Demos

Here’s an overview video of the solution from both the prospect’s user experience and the sales team member’s experience. It’s pretty slick!

Create A Free CrankWheel Instant Demo Account

Disclosure: I am affiliate of CrankWheel.

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