Am I The Only One That Still Loves Creative Marketing?

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I was driving on the West Side of town, looked over at a billboard, and there was a billboard for tools. Instead of the billboard being a typical ad, the advertisement went all the way to the ground. An arm ran up the post and the actual tool was in the billboard area. It looked as though the arm was coming right out of the ground. If I was in need of a hammer, I’d probably remember the brand and perhaps, would have bought it.

On the Internet, I appreciate getting relevant advertising when I’m performing a search. I actually have more faith in an advertiser doing advanced keyword research, tracking me, and presenting me with a relevant advertisement than I do in Google providing me a relevant result.

I like giving advertisers tons of personal information. I do it so that they understand me better and provide me with advertising that matches my demographics. I want smart advertisements. I want intelligent marketing strategies. I still love a creative marketing or advertising campaign that’s able to chase me down, capture my attention, and makes me hover my finger over that mouse.

Am I the only one? I shop for almost everything online now. If I never had to visit another store in my life, I wouldn’t. When I see an advertisement and I’m ready to buy, I pounce on it. I love marketing and I love advertising.

I believe marketing and advertising gets a bad rap because of lazy marketers. Rather than risking creativity or doing the additional due diligence to personalize and target, they simply shove their crap in front of as many eyeballs as they can.

Great marketers are able to figure out which direction you’re heading and, if you’re heading in their direction, they lead you right in. It’s like fly fishing… the fish is hungry and the lure keeps popping up around them over and over until it’s within biting distance. Terrible marketers simply throw out the net. Can’t get enough leads? Bigger net! Still can’t? More nets! They pull their fish in while they’re struggling and gasping to get away.

How about you? Do you still appreciate great marketing and advertising?


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    It’s the best and creative marketing that I remember. I tend to tune out the rest because it has become so bland.

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    Can honestly say that I don’t appreciate great advertising, no matter how targeted it is. In fact, the more an advertiser tries to target me, the more I recoil. Its a similar experience with using many Microsoft products: they try so hard to anticipate what I want (look, autoformatting!), but they just don’t do a good job of it.

    The same goes for brand advertising which instead of trying to motivate a direct sale, tries to create a mood associated with the brand. At best its ineffectual, at worst its deceptive.

    For me, advertisers do more damage to their brand when they advertise. I feel like their trying to be a little deceptive. And deep down, I think most people feel similarly. They buy advertisers products grudgingly, but would prefer to buy from more honest and transparent brands when alternatives exist.

    I think its tough for the advertising industry to accept, but with so many channels and technologies now dedicated to serving ads, the value of all ads is declining; even the “good” ones.

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    Deckerton, it’s a great perspective! I’m curious, though, how much marketing and advertising that you’re actually witnessing without even being aware that you’re being subtly communicated to!

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    I’m with you, Doug! I appreciate it when ads are relevant to my preferences and capture my attention in creative ways. The reality is, I buy things… and good advertising makes it easier for me to connect with products that are relevant to me.

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