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If you're in web development or web design, you know that one of the most frustrating tasks upon completing a beautiful design is actually ensuring that it works across all browsers. Not only can the browser and operating system severely impact how a page renders, so can the plugins that you are running!

We're launching a site for VA Loan Captain, who purchased a theme from a third party. Rather than trying to guess whether it was going to work across all browsers, operating systems and devices, we simply loaded up a default set of resolutions and settings in Cross Browser Testing and pulled live screenshots! Here are a few samples:


The site even includes tablet and mobile previews! Once you run the tests that you want, Cross Browser Testing provides you with a URL that you can share directly with your client! This ensures that the client fully understands whether or not the site is designed across all popular browsers or, in the case of a plugin issue, helps to prove to them that it's not your doing.

cross browser testing

Pricing is based on the number of minutes required to take the test shots. The opening package is $19.95 per month – just be sure you limit your test list so you don't run out of minutes too quick. The first month I used the service, I believe I used the default tests and burned up all my minutes in a couple tests that listed a very large amount of devices, operating systems, browsers and resolutions!

For less than $20 a month, this is a fantastic solution that will allow your designers to test throughout every device. If you're a company, they'll also allow you to follow up and ensure your designs support across all major browsers and devices before you send that final payment!

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