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Crowdfire Social Media Publishing

One of the biggest challenges of keeping and growing your company’s social media presence is providing content that provides value to your followers. One social media management platform that stands out from its competitors for this is Crowdfire.

Not only can you manage multiple social media accounts, monitor your reputation, schedule and automate your own publishing… Crowdfire also has a curation engine where you can discover content that is popular on social media and is a fit for your audience.

Crowdfire Content Discovery and Curation

Crowdfire Content Discovery and Curation

Crowdfire enables you to discover articles and images your audience will love, so you can share them with all your social accounts to keep your timelines buzzing!

Here’s an overview of their article recommendation engine:

Crowdfire Automated Content Publishing

Keep an eye out for updates from your website, blog, or online shops, and create quick, beautiful posts for every update to easily share on all your social profiles. Crowdfire enables publishers to integrate their content RSS feeds to automatically publish to their social accounts.

Crowdfire Scheduled Content Publishing

Crowdfire has great functionality to plan all your posts in advance and publish them automatically at the best times or at times chosen by you, saving you tons of time and effort.

Crowdfire automagically customizes your posts to optimize them for each social media channel, taking away the headache of crafting separate posts for each.

Crowdfire Automated Social Media Reporting

Crowdfire has a report builder that enables marketers to build, schedule, and share custom professional reports with the data points you want to highlight.

  • Add all the social networks of your choice in a single report
  • An out-of-the-box template for all your reporting needs
  • Pick and choose the data points that matter to you
  • Download presentation-ready PPT and PDF reports
  • Schedule weekly/monthly report exports directly to your email

Join 19 million users to boost your business through social media content curation and publishing!

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Disclosure: I an affiliate of Crowdfire.

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