Crunched: A Presentation Platform That Helps You Sell


Crunched is an online meeting and presentation platform optimized for sales. Competing directly with folks like WebEx and GotoMeeting, Crunched has simplified the process by having a system that focuses on the meeting, tracking and sharing of the file, presentation or your screen through a web page. No software for anyone to download and setup… just meet and go at the designated meeting URL!

Crunched offers the following key features:

  • Meet – Start web-conferences without soul-sucking software. The account comes with a personal URL and conference number.
  • Connect – Have more personal interactions with customers. Aside from chat, you can also view the social profile of the attendee and locality information.
  • Present – Manage and present decks or share your screen. Your sales team can share and record the presentations as well!
  • Track – Email presentations via trackable links, see who’s reading them and for how long
  • Collaborate – Share presentations, meetings, notes and emails with your team so everyone can help get deals done

Sales teams can also share presentations and observe metrics across all sales personnel. This can reveal specific information on what the presentation differences might be between high-performers and other on your sales team.

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