Curalate: Making Social Curation Work for Brands


Curalate is a platform that applies advanced image analytics to social media conversations to give you the most robust insights available for Instagram and Pinterest. They help brands strengthen their stories and turn pins, likes, hashtags, and followers into revenue.

Features of Curalate

  • Analytics – Curalate invented the ruler that measures your images. Top products being shared organically from your website, the most popular pins and boards within your Pinterest account, image-based traffic analysis, and revealing ROI from Pinterest. Including metrics for Instagram accounts, hashtags, and campaigns and unparalleled analysis of your competition.
  • Consumer Engagement – Fuel conversations about your brand. Respond to pins, repins, and comments about your images. Reply to Tweets about your content originating from Pinterest. Engage with your most influential & engaged advocates. Monitor specific words representing sentiment or brand names.
  • Promotions – power the most consumer-friendly promotions available on Pinterest. Enable your contest to live anywhere and everywhere – your website, blogs, and Facebook. Analyze entrants, impressions, organic growth, top images, and revenue – all from the Curalate dashboard
  • Site Engagement – Use the content that consumers engage with the most on Pinterest and Instagram to captivate your site visitors. With Curalate, you can identify your brand’s trending content and feature that content in engaging ways.
    Let customers discover products that are hot and get them to read content that’s cool. All from one platform.

Thanks to the High Low for posting about Curalate on their post, The Back-End Digital Tools Every Retailer Needs Now.

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