The Current State of Content Marketing 2014

current state content marketing infographic

When I find an infographic like this one from LinkSmart, a content promotion platform, I always feel good about writing Corporate Blogging for Dummies and the timeless advice that it has provided companies. While the search engine chapter may be a bit out of date, the rest of the strategies are solid within the book. Corporate blogging is the lynchpin of any content marketing strategy and has grown exponentially year after year.

We live in an age where Content Marketing is perhaps the most interesting and complex it has ever been. With new media for publishing and new ways to reach readers developing every day, we as publishers need to stay on top of Content Marketing trends to drive more readers to our valuable content.

The fact is that if your company wishes to attain the trust, emotional connection, acquisition and retention of customers online, you must build authority and have the knowledge base available for leads and customers alike. The industry continues to evolve – generating dozens of new positions and a huge need for great writers, designers and storytellers.


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