Online Success Starts with CXM

Customer Experience Management uses technology to provide a personal and consistent experience for each user in order to turn prospects into life-long clients. CXM incorporates inbound marketing, personalized web experiences, and a customer relationship management (CRM) system to measure, rate and evaluate customer interactions.

Customer Experience Management

What will You Do?

16% of companies are increasing their their digital marketing budgets and increasing overall spend. 39% of companies are increasing their digital marketing budgets by reallocating existing budget into digital marketing. According to those and other figures from a 2013 report from the Society of Digital Agencies, the power of engagement in and the return on investment for marketing online far outweigh the former benefits of traditional advertising such as TV, newspaper, billboards or radio. Being able to create a 1-on-1 engagement with clients, prospective and current, has revolutionized the sales and marketing worlds. All of that is possible through CXM.

Keys to CXM Success

  • Attracting New Customers to Your Site – Utilizing proven inbound marketing strategies, new customers will be brought to your site through social media, SEO, blogs, video, whitepapers, and other forms of content marketing.
  • Engaging Your Website Visitors – Bring your message to life to each user through personalized content for each visitor based upon their behavior. This will not only get them to see the message they are looking for, but companies who have implemented these strategies have seen revenue growth and a 148% return on their investment. Couple this with a user-friendly, interactive design and a strong content strategy and you have a strong base to center your sales and marketing efforts from.
  • Implementing a Salesforce CRM – CRM applications serve as the hub to all client intelligence, which enables companies to capture important data from all marketing efforts and increase the effectiveness of their sales efforts.
  • Retaining Customers and Prospects – Through an active engagement or “touch” campaign, current customer retention will be optimized. The use of marketing automation and including current clients in your inbound marketing efforts are means to success in customer retention.

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