The Greatest Marketing Tool Ever!

sb.jpgNo, I am not going to unveil a new great and wonderful technology, website, or other marketing silver bullet that will rocket your company into super stardom.  

I am talking about great customer service.  It seems obvious to say that.  Everyone knows that great customer service is a proven method to grow your business, but from what I’ve seen, many companies have forgotten it. If they haven’t forgotten it, at minimum they’re missing the opportunity to enable the voices of their own happy customers to grow their business.

Everyone has their own horror story about customer service and everyone has their own story of great customer service.  As marketers, we need to remember that these stories are being told every day to prospective customers and clients. And now – social media has amplified these conversations!

Customer service has the power to cut both ways.  That bad story has the power to send new prospects and existing customers to your competitors. That great story may bring new customers and increased sales.  It’s your job to improve customer service to silence the bad, and provide a bullhorn to amplify the good!

So how do we make sure that the story is being told? Lately, I’ve seen some inexpensive, practical ways of making sure that the story gets told.  One company I know of is allowing customers to write and post their stories on the company’s blog and sharing them with anyone willing to read.  

Some companies have started client networks on the Ning platform.  They’re using these networks as a knowledge base, forum, help desk and testimonial site all in one.  It’s a great way aggregate the customer experience and paint the true story of your company’s great customer service.

So what are you doing to make sure that your prospects hear about your great customer service?