Cyber Monday Goes Mobile

cyber monday mobile 2013

We’ve shared a ton of infographics on the benefits of mobile commerce and already provided some evidence that, this holiday season, mobile commerce – or mcommerce – was going to be huge. It truly disappoint!

Since its creation in 2005, Cyber Monday has grown to become the single biggest online shopping day of the year. Online shopping this holiday season is expect- ed to grow by as much as 15% topping over $2 billion. Targeted advertising on native social platforms like Facebook and increased mobile usage are at the heart of this online sales blitz, in what is fast becoming a holiday shopping staple.

Ampush has provided this infographic, Cyber Monday goes Mobile to illustrate the impact:



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    It’s amazing how fast technology is moving these days. I constantly see people on their smartphones, and I fully believe it’s one of the best ways to gain new or keep old customers. Facebook, in particular, like you said, is a great way to market. I also believe that personal reviews, like you also mentioned, are a great way to get the word out about a great product.

    I wonder how sales on tablets fit into this? I see more and more people carrying around their tablets on a daily basis, especially people in the older demographic. Maybe this is a device/market that needs to be researched more. Thanks for the great infographic!

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