DanAds: Self-Service Advertising Technology For Publishers

DanAds - Self-Service Advertising Platform for Publishers

Programmatic advertising (the automation of buying and selling online advertising) has been a staple for modern marketers for many years and it’s easy to see why. The ability for media buyers to use software to purchase advertising has revolutionized the digital advertising space, removing the need for traditional manual processes such as requests for proposals, tenders, quotes, and, most notably, human negotiation.

Traditional programmatic advertising, or managed service programmatic advertising as it’s sometimes referred to, has allowed advertisers to adopt a set and forget attitude. However, despite bringing a new level of ease and automation for companies of any size looking to advertise their businesses, it is also regularly criticized for its lack of transparency. With managed service programmatic advertising, a large proportion of revenue made by the publisher often ends up being siphoned-off to intermediaries in the supply chain, such as third-party media agencies and trading desks, with whom the publisher has little to no involvement. This lack of control and transparency creates inefficiencies in the supply chain and significantly weakens the buying power of the advertiser as well as the profitability of the publisher. 

From an advertiser’s perspective, the programmatic model is generally less favorable as does not allow businesses to know for certain where their ad will end up, or what type of content it will be displayed next to. This has stirred a quite intense debate regarding brand safety within digital advertising over the past year, and the general view is that it is an intrinsically flawed ecosystem that needs to change in order to secure a sustainable future for online advertising.

This is where self-service comes in by driving costs down for publishers and opening up the world of digital advertising to small and medium-sized businesses, ensuring even the most modest of ad budgets remain profitable for the publisher – all in a brand-safe environment. 

DanAds: Receive A Greater Share Of Ad Revenue And Democratize The Space Through Automation

DanAds provides a white-labeled and customizable self-service advertising solution, which, unlike managed service solutions, allows advertisers direct and unrestricted access to their campaigns. This means publishers can give full control back to the person placing the order, enabling them to build their ads, set their own campaign budgets, monitor results 24/7, and adjust content all in one online dashboard.

DanAds works with traditional publishers such as Hearst Magazines and Bloomberg Media Group to add value at every stage of the ad buying process. This is achieved by creating a direct line between the publisher and advertiser, making it a fully transparent, one-stop solution that enables automation of all ad operations, sales, and creative asset management. It also ensures that publishers receive a greater share of advertising revenue than they would from traditional, non-transparent managed service ad purchases. In turn, this frees up publishers’ sales, AdOps, accounting, and management teams so that they can focus on more mission-critical and value-adding tasks that impact the bottom line. 

DanAds is not just available to traditional print and digital publications, however. DanAds also works with some of the largest UGC (user-generated content) platforms such as Tripadvisor, SoundCloud and Roku, enabling businesses to run self-service advertising campaigns on videos, radio, and, as a result of a recent integration with MatchCraft, social media, too.

Case Study – Tripadvisor Media Manager:

An excellent example of where DanAds’ self-service technology has been successful in adding value for advertisers is with Tripadvisor, the world’s largest travel platform, which launched Tripadvisor Media Manager powered by DanAds in 2019.

Tripadvisor has a host of great sales benefits for advertisers. However, the main added value proposition lies in its ability for advertisers to be seen in front of consumers while they are in the process of planning and buying their trip through the website. As a result, its self-service platform was built to reflect this.

DanAds was able to build a bespoke self-service platform with granular targeting in mind, enabling advertisers to target, and retarget the Tripadvisor audience by destination, behavioral metrics, or countries, something entirely unique to the platform. By making this a major visual component of the platform, and a feature that appears early in the booking process, it has helped reinforce this added value proposition to the advertiser and has enabled them to implement and run effective campaigns specifically targeted at Tripadvisor’s unique audience.

How to use Tripadvisor Media Manager 

  1. Create an account – When advertisers sign up to the Tripadvisor Media Manager, they are given the option to sign up as a direct advertiser (i.e. a business or individual) or as an agency (for advertisers that outsource their campaigns to a third party).

Tripadvisor Media Manager - Create an Account

  1. Start a Campaign – Once an account has been created, advertisers or agencies can then set and control the campaign schedule, budgets, and targets, which can be broad or granular depending on the user’s preference. Targets can be selected based on travel category, zip code, city or state, or by gender, age, or interest (based on keywords).

Tripadvisor media manager - start a campaign

  1. Build and/or Upload Creative Assets – Here, users can upload existing creative assets, or build their own directly within the platform using intuitive tools that make it easy to design stunning ads. 

  • trip advisor media manager upload
  • trip advisor media manager creative

  1. Choose a payment method and submit – Once the user is happy with the campaign, they are given the option to select a budget and choose the campaign start and end dates. Payments are secure and can be made via credit or debit card, or by invoice. Campaigns can be monitored via the analytics dashboard and changes can be made at any time to improve performance and achieve advertising objectives.

trip advisor media manager payment

DanAds’ fully transparent booking process enables businesses, large and small, to create meaningful and targeted advertising campaigns, with a full understanding of where their money is going. 

In short, benefits of using DanAds self-serve infrastructure include:

  • Capturing lower budget deals
  • Reduced workload for publishers Ad Operations and Sales teams
  • A new revenue stream
  • Fast customer service 24/7
  • Reduced customer attrition rate
  • Improved customer experience
  • Allows publishers to take control of a larger proportion of their inventory
  • Allows publishers to capitalize on their first-party audience data

To be more specific, DanAds reduces AdOps workload by more than 80% and helps to combat the high barriers to entry for small and medium businesses that many are presented with when looking to advertise with a specific publication or with a unique audience that a named publisher has to offer. 

Historically, many large publishers have had to turn down lower budget deals due to the fact that it’s too costly to manage the orders compared to the revenue it brings. Smaller advertisers looking to promote their businesses have therefore been rejected before even getting a chance to speak with a salesperson.

As a result, this has priced out a lot of small to medium-sized businesses from being able to access online advertising outside the options they have from tech giants such as Google and Facebook. By utilizing self-service solutions like DanAds, publishers can welcome ad spend from small-to-medium-sized businesses and still remain profitable. We know from data we hold internally that, for publishers using DanAds, Ad Ops teams save up to 85% of the workload per order. The goal is not to replace salespeople, of course. But this time saving does benefit the publisher greatly as Ad Ops and Sales personnel can be redirected to focus on revenue-driving tasks like upselling to larger accounts and optimizing ongoing campaigns, rather than simply inputting data, punching in numbers, and sending reports.

Peo Persson, CPO, and co-founder of DanAds

Self-service advertising focuses on democratizing what has long been a non-transparent and closed-off supply chain, opening up additional revenue streams for traditional publishers, and ensuring that all operations and data are controlled by the publisher, rather than third parties. This is particularly important as the world increasingly shifts online. DanAds is perfectly positioned to help drive the uptake of automation in the advertising space, ensuring greater adoption of direct guaranteed orders for publishers and, most importantly, save businesses and publishers time and money.

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