DandyLoop: Share Online Shoppers Between Stores


A very common practice on many online fields is the cooperation between different companies working in that field, big or small. This is very common in mobile apps, in online gaming, in video content, and of course in content sites. In content sites we see the mutual recommendation of content between sites, even when they are competitors. It’s hard to find executives that will not support this practice. Nonetheless, it requires a high level of maturity from the companies in the field – they need to understand that sharing is not one-way giving, rather two-way – everybody wins.

Despite being with us since the start of the internet, only in recent years did the eCommerce industry began to democratize itself. The proliferation of SaaS tools enabled more and more online stores to be opened, and today there are well over 12m of them. The one thing that was missing here is the practice of cooperation: the stores are still bound to the traditional expensive marketing schemes, and they look for new ways to reach out to potential clients – social was one, and then content. Now they realize the value of cooperation, yet they have no way to do it.

The best practice for cooperation between online stores is in their core business – selling products. Once two related stores decide to cooperate and recommend on each other’s products, we see a CTR that is higher than anything else we know in traditional marketing (more than 7% on average). This is because unlike so much of the traditional marketing – here the value to the shopper is real – this is what he/she looks for when he/she shops.

DandyLoop enables the practice of cooperation using a cooperative platform for online stores, where each store can discover and invite other stores to partner, meaning they will mutually recommend on each other’s products. This goes the other way as well – each store can be discovered and be invited to partner by others . They can manage their network activity and monitor each partner’s performance.

The cooperation is based on equality, and that’s where our proprietary algorithm takes control – for every visitor that is given by a store to one of its partners, it will gain a brand new visitor. 1 for 1. This is unique in the eCommerce world: our customers are not in the business of selling traffic for money, they are in the business of selling products – and that’s what we provide – more traffic, more visitors, and more sales.

Currently beta for Shopify users, DandyLoop offers full control over your recommended products, transparent reports and quick and easy setup!

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