The Dangers of SEO and How to Implement a Flawless Strategy

dangers of seo

Yesterday we had a great regional conference organized by Revenue North. The topics ranged across business, technology and marketing and I opened the day with a discussion of the dangers of SEO.

So much has changed in the search engine optimization industry. One of my attendees even joked with me that I had conflicting advice just a couple years ago. I did not disagree. I absolutely have changed my opinion of how SEO should be deployed and what attention should be paid to the strategy.

The Problem SEO is a math problem. Search is a people problem. Many SEO companies approach the issue from the wrong direction. Rather than looking at search volume and ranking, they should be looking at your conversions, how those visitors are getting there, and then work back to whether or not ranking better on terms would drive additional traffic.

Outside of understanding where and how your customers are arriving, key to a successful search engine optimization strategy is fairly simple – Do What Google Says. It’s actually pretty easy – Google has a great SEO guide that they publish, as well as a 1-page SEO starter guide.

Hierarchy, sitemaps, page structure, keyword usage, authorship, mobile, recency, local geographic search and frequency are all included elements discussed as the ways to optimize your site. Social has erupted onto the scene now, though, and is propelling and feeding search engine results. Not only is social driving more shares (which drive links… which drive ranking), Google has really gone to war with blackhat tactics. The next phase of this, of course, will be attacking paid outreach programs that produce advertorial content.

Full circle… great search engine optimization now resides on the shoulders of the great marketer again and out of the SEO consultant. Producing relevant, remarkable content that’s easily shareable will accelerate and amplify your brand. When that happens, your rank will follow!


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    Douglas that was great – yup I am a speed reader. Love how clean and easy it was to read, as well as absorb. Thinking of passing this on to a few clients ( your slides)

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    That is one rule that works, Douglas. Yes, we may try to do a lot of stuff to improve our SEO search rankings and our ability to generate good sales leads, but as long as you follow what Google says, then you will be fine.

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