More Data, More Challenges

data driven marketing

Big Data. I'm not sure about you folks but most of our clients are drowning in it. While the piles of data continue to accumulate, we typically find that most our clients aren't handling some of the fundamental marketing strategies necessary to acquire, retain and improve customer value. Not only that, they struggle with a huge disconnect between IT and marketing. Just yesterday, I had to speak to one of our clients' IT team to explain how popup blockers were inhibiting the ability for people to connect with the company socially because all of their social links were programmed to popup windows. I should not have to explain that… the IT team should have simply serviced the request.

According to the Teradata Data Driven Marketing Survey 2013, marketers are relying more and more on and using common, simple, and easily accessible forms of data to drive their marketing initiatives. In fact, 75% or more of those surveyed use customer service data, customer satisfaction data, digital interaction data (e.g., search, display ads, email, web browsing), and demographic data, with more than half using data such as customer engagement (e.g., product usage or preference data), transactional (e.g., offline purchase behavior), or e-commerce data.

How do today’s marketers truly view their ability to harness and leverage big data to produce measurable results? Dive into data-driven marketing with Teradata's Data-Driven Marketing Survey, 2013, Global Results infographic:


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