Big Data and Marketing: Big Problem or Big Opportunity?

Reading Time: 3 minutes Any business dealing directly with customers wants to make sure they can attract and maintain a customer as efficiently and rapidly as possible. Today’s world offers many touchpoints – the traditional channels of direct mail and email, and now many more via the web and new social media sites that seem to spring up every day. Big data presents both a challenge and an opportunity for marketers trying to connect and engage with customers. This

Big Data Insights from Microsoft

Reading Time: < 1 minute According to Microsoft’s Global Enterprise Big Data Trends: 2013 study of more than 280 IT decision-makers, the following trends emerged: Although the IT department (52 percent) is currently driving most of the demand for big data, customer care (41 percent), sales (26 percent), finance (23 percent) and marketing (23 percent) departments are increasingly driving demand. Seventeen percent of customers surveyed are in the early stages of researching big data solutions, whereas 13 percent have fully

Infochimps: Your Big Data Platform Experts

Reading Time: 3 minutes As an agency, our clients are asking us more and more to decipher the huge volumes of data that they’re being provided from their reporting engines – CRM, Email, Social Media, etc. To date, we’ve pulled this data into data stores on our internal server, massaged it, and then exported the information we needed. The data, however, are becoming more difficult to filter, segment and assign. Social media, for example, provides strings and URLs of

Transforming Big Data into Actionable Insights

Reading Time: < 1 minute 2013 may be the year of Big Data… you’re going to see a lot more discussion here on Martech Zone on tools to find, manage and leverage very large volumes of data. Today, Neolane and the Direct Marketing Association (DMA) issued a free report entitled, Big Data: Impact on Marketing Organizations. Key findings on the report are being shared through this infographic. The report finds that most marketing departments are ill-equipped to handle the growing

Big Data Brings Marketing Big Numbers

Reading Time: < 1 minute IBM has released an infographic developed from some released use case data. Today’s rapidly growing flood of big data represents immense opportunity for forward-thinking marketers. But to fully leverage the potential that exists within these massive streams of structured and unstructured data, organizations must quickly optimize ad delivery, evaluate campaign results, improve site selection and retarget ads. The infographic highlights the need for marketers to implement rules-driven integration of disparate data, improve operating infrastructures, c