Deal: Add An Express Checkout Experience To Increase Conversion Rates and Boost Sales

Deal Express Checkout Experience for Ecommerce

Everyone that optimizes an e-commerce site understands that the faster and easier it is for someone to convert, the higher the conversion rate and more sales your site will receive. As consumers have moved from desktop to mobile, this is becoming even more critical to successful ecommerce strategies… a fast, simple, and easy to use checkout experience has been proven to increase conversion rates.

 The best conversion rate websites offer a more frictionless checkout experience. Click through to the PDF for a full analysis.

Deal offers businesses with a unified platform and fully integrated suite of products for express checkout:

  • Express Checkout Widget – Insert Deal‘s express checkout widget with a single line of code and start sending customers to checkout pages. These widgets can even be distributed and embedded in third-party sites for partners and influencers.

Deal Express Checkout Widget

  • Instant Checkout Links – Send customers directly to checkout. Deal requires no password or login. Average online checkout has 12.8 form fields and takes 2:25 minutes. Deal can reduce it to a single click.

Deal Instant Checkout Links

  • QR Code Checkout – No need to download an app, Deal‘s QR code payments enable any mobile user to snap a picture and go directly to checkout.

  • Mobile AppsDeal provides all its subscribers with iOS and Android apps to enhance their customer experience. Once you upgrade, we publish a white labeled app customized for your company. We also take care of the app store publishing for you.

No integrations or credit card required. Deal's express checkout solutions works on e-commerce platforms, social media platforms, static sites, blogs and even in your store.

If you've got Shopify, BigCommerce, WooCommerce, PrestaShop, Magento, Unbounce, Six, Squarespace, Opencart, Umso, Ideasoft or others… you can add your express checkout solutions today!

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Disclosure: I am affiliate for Deal and I'm using affiliate links in this article.

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