Delivra Enlists Cazoomi AppSync® for CRM


delivra email crm integrationsOur email marketing sponsor, Delivra, has announced integrations with both Netsuite and Microsoft Dynamics CRM platforms utilizing Cazoomi.

If you've not heard of Cazoomi SyncApps®, it's a pretty impressive cloud application that synchronizes your contact data across financial, ecommerce, email service providers and/or customer relationship management systems. For enterprise customers, the Cazoomi application is much less expensive than the development necessary. And you need not worry about companies updating their integrations… Cazoomi has to!

Aside from the terrible video :), Cazoomi appears to be a very strong, proven platform. And it's imperative that your subscriber data remain up to date across platforms. Sending a message out your CRM when a subscriber has opted out… or vice versa can cost your company a customer or even violate CAN-SPAM regulations. And it's imperative that your marketing lists keep up to date with your contact databases.


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    Douglas, I especially loved the comment, “Aside from the terrible video, Cazoomi appears to be a very strong, proven platform”, yet this video actually was our #1 driver for SyncApps in Q1 contributing to another 100% qtr/qtr platform growth rate.

    Loved the write-up and thanks a million from all of us @cazoomi:twitter teams.


    ps: better videos are on our docs site:)

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      Just think how many sign-ups you could have gotten with a GREAT video?! 🙂 Just being snarky – I truly am impressed with your platform and what you’re doing.


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