Delivra Adds E-Commerce Personalization and Segmentation

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The U.S. Commerce Department reported that online sales accounted for more than a third of total retail sales growth in 2015. The research also showed that online sales accounted for 7.3 percent of total retail sales in 2015, up from 6.4 percent in 2014.

Email marketing campaigns are responsible for more than seven percent of all e-commerce transactions, making it the second most effective ecommerce marketing tool behind the online search function, which boasts a 15.8 percent conversion rate. Despite its effectiveness, not all online merchants are created equal in regards to marketing budgets and personnel.

For Neil Berman, founder, and CEO of Delivra, it is apparent today’s e-commerce economy leaves the door wide open for numerous software providers to successfully service varying retailers’ needs within the space.

It’s no secret the top 100 retailers of the world can adopt the most sophisticated and robust email marketing software because they have large, dedicated e-commerce teams to learn the vast amount of functionalities for effective execution. There are also many local and regional online retailers without a dedicated marketing team in many cases. It’s critical for these retailers to capitalize on the success email brings to e-commerce, but they are in need of a platform that provides the essentials for ease of use and immediate application.

Delivra Commerce Overview

Delivra Commerce is the latest package from the email marketing software provider and is dedicated to e-commerce marketing automation. Centered around integrations with Magento, Shopify, and WooCommerce, the platform is ideal for small and mid-sized online retailers—with or without supporting brick and mortar locations—and allows for advanced post-purchase email marketing campaigns. Personalized shopping cart abandonment emails are also one of the most prominent features since research shows that 60 percent of abandoned cart emails generate revenue, with most of that occurring in the first 24 hours of the email being sent.

The software’s real-time shopping cart integrations aid online retailers in promoting product offerings, improving customer experiences, and remarketing to consumers all through personalized, automated emails. Delivra Commerce enables users to automatically create segments based on synced purchase data from Magento and WooCommerce categories, or Shopify product types, to cross-sell product and re-engage past purchasers. Additionally, users can track revenue attribution from email to strategize future mailings and easily send abandoned cart messages to recover potential revenue and increase email marketing ROI.

The user’s specific shopping cart integration populates automatic segments based on purchases from the platform’s categories or product types.

Delivra Commerce Segmentation

Delivra Commerce users can also create their own segments to be used for regular, split test, and triggered mailings. Examples segments include:

  • Utilization of abandoned cart data to create a triggered mailing notification
  • Utilization of order data to cross-sell other products
  • Utilization of order data to ask for product reviews

Delivra Commerce Triggers

Another key feature is the ability to create a “flagged event” based on a purchase from a mailing, allowing users to “set and forget” automated campaigns while controlling the timing and message of commerce-related communications. Flagged events allow a marketer to evaluate criteria, and branch a workflow step into two paths. For example, a marketer may choose to evaluate whether or not a recipient opened a mailing, clicked on a specific link, purchased from the e-commerce store, etc. Flagged events are important because they allow a marketer to control what will be done next for the recipient, based on the recipient’s prior action or inaction. A marketer may choose to send different emails, update data fields or send SMS messages.

Delivra Commerce also includes integrations with Google Analytics Ecommerce. Leveraging data from Google Analytics, this integration allows users to access key metrics such as revenue, purchases and conversion rates, and how they are attributed to each mailing and email overall. In addition to Google Analytics integration, mailing metrics are also reported in formats detailing account overview, mailing overview, tracking statistics, delivery statistics and mailing comparisons.

Delivra Commerce Reports

Getting started with Delivra Commerce’s powerful functionality is a quick process for new and existing users. Whether upgrading or initiating a customer account, Delivra can sync the platform with a customer’s shopping cart data in approximately one hour.

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