What Marketers Can Learn from Dell’s IT Transformation Research?

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Dell defines Information Technology Transformation as the process of enhancing information and communication technology so as to make human lives more efficient and better. IT transformation also centers on improving infrastructure so as to encourage efficiency in systems due to a reduction in the wastage of resources.

I've been working with Mark Schaefer and his client, Dell Technologies, over the last few months to publish podcasts that provide insight into the people driving IT Transformation as well as the incredible research surrounding the movement. The podcast is called Luminaries.

IT transformation essentially centers on looking at how best you have integrated technology into your business processes, what has come out of its use, how your enterprise has adapted to changes in technology, and how the business has been able to transform with the use of informatics.

IT Transformation Key Takeaways

As Dell analyzed what information technology transformation is, they asked a series of questions, since they are better placed to help us answer some important queries. Most of these issues are directed to companies that rely on It transformation and are meant to assess the level of impact that this great concept has on the success of such institutions. These queries include:-

  • The type of technology mainly used in your company
  • The kind of system in place that is used to run your business
  • Nature of detail used to develop these systems
  • And how best information technology has been made use of in your enterprise.

Also, Dell looked at the advantages that IT transformation might have brought to your business ever since you started using it. Whereas most companies have succeeded using this approach, others have not been able to realize the full benefits of using information technology transformation. From the surveys done, it is apparent that most businesses have been able to recognize IT Transformaton and are on their way of getting transformed.

Luminaries Episode 01: Ready, Set, Transform… Your IT

The level of IT transformation a company has achieved has an immediate and tangible impact on business growth, competitive differentiation and ability to innovate. How much? Leading IT industry analysts did the research and have surprising answers. Duration : 34:11

The most successful businesses today have three unique qualities. First and foremost, they have been able to encourage the use of technology in all of their operations. Secondly, they have come up with a unique system that is much capable of using information technology with the most efficiency. Since IT transformation is meant to boost business productivity, companies that use this concept have

Since IT transformation is meant to boost business productivity, companies that use this concept have learned to align it with internet clouds for increased productivity. Finally, successful companies have been able to create an information technology system that is easy to operate and that accommodates all workers in that particular institution. Fully transformed businesses encourage good communications that cross-cuts between different levels of governance within that particular company.

Is Speed A Key Aspect In Digital Transformation?

Yes. A vast majority of businesses today take up information technology transformation so that they can be better placed in developing new products and services before their competitors. The most successful corporations today have been able to build robust applications in only a matter of days, apps that are so stable that they rarely experience maintenance problems.

IT transformation has helped boost the productivity of most institutions. To this end, businesses using technology are able to execute their projects with great efficiency and deliver outputs way before schedule. Hence, IT transformation is a blessing in disguise to many corporations.

From the onset, it is evident enough that IT transformation is necessary for the success of your business. However, before you choose to use such innovation, you have to first do some serious soul searching so as to come up with an original reason as to why you believe information technology transformation will bring much gain to your corporation.

Invest heavily in innovation so that you can be able to create a robust enterprise, much capable of competing against other businesses of your kind. You might start off as small, but if you are on the right path, you will surely end up becoming a company to be reckoned with.

What can Marketers Learn from IT Transformation?

Marketers should be immediately investing in marketing technology that reduces the time and money, while increasing the value of the work accomplished. This will provide gains in profitability that will increase the impact of your marketing while reducing time spent executing it. That savings can then be the foundation of marketing investments that will transform your business.

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