DemoChimp: Automate Your Demos


DemoChimp is currently in a closed beta but looking for organizations who are interested in using their service. DemoChimp personalizes product demos, increasing your website conversion rate and your demo-to-close ratio during the sales process, all while gathering product analytics. DemoChimp automatically configures a demo in response to each prospect’s unique needs, just like an expert salesperson.

DemoChimp Features and Benefits:

  • Convert More Visitors to Leads – Your website visitors will sign up more often as they interact with personalized content. When your lead comes in, you can see what parts of your product were important to them and what parts weren’t so you can tailor your follow up.
  • Intelligent Demo Engine – Do you ever hear the request, “Can you send me a demo?” Now you can, and DemoChimp automagically adjusts the demo as it responds to a prospect’s interests, personalizing it just like a live salesperson. You can also see who they shared the demo with in their organization so you can discover and engage the entire buying panel.
  • Access Demo Analytics (Demolytics™) – Behind the scenes, DemoChimp gathers valuable data based on the prospect’s responses and actions during the demo. We call these Demolytics™. Access these analytics through the dashboard or drill down to a specific prospect.

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    Thanks for this. I belong with a startup group and partnering with a potential tech startup provider could be beneficial in both ways.

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