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Demographics of The MarTech Blog

You may have noticed we’ve been running a Crowdscience survey on the blog for a while now. I hope you’ve taken the time to answer the surveys – the results are quite impressive. Here are some highlights:

  • 62.5% of readers are college graduates, 21.9% have graduate degrees
  • 51.6% of readers are employed full-time, 32.3% are self-employed.
  • The majority of readers are decision makers or have influence:


  • Readers come from companies of all sizes:


  • The majority of readers are senior executives or leaders of their companies.
  • The majority of readers are in the 34 to 44 age range.
  • 56.3% of readers have a somewhat negative outlook on the economy.
  • The majority of readers make over $75k, with many upwards of $150k.
  • The majority of readers use the Internet over 24 hours per week, with one-third over 36 hours per week.

Perhaps most interesting were some attitudes towards entrepreneurialism – over half the readers said they were interested in starting their own business and/or changing jobs and occupations. As a serial entrepreneur (aka – a guy that loves to bounce from one challenge to the next), this was fascinating to me. Over time, it would suggest that I’m attracting like-minded readers to the blog.

These demographics are exactly where I’d like the blog to be as a matter of influence and usefulness!

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