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Demographics of the Online Grocery Shopper

A couple weeks ago I tested Clicklist, Kroger’s online grocery shopping. The system was flawless, with a ton of advantages over grocery shopping. First, I was able to watch my budget while adding each item into my cart. I was able to clearly see every item on sale. The system tracked my most common products I purchased. And it took me 10 minutes to drive up, have the Kroger team load my car, and check out.

If I had one really picky complaint it was that the team substituted Claussen pickles for Vlasic. My guess is that the person loading my groceries was looking in the pickle section instead of the refrigerated section of the store. Oh the humanity!

That’s a small price to pay, though! It’s no wonder that eGrocery will hit double digit adoption in 2016:

  1. 40% of 2015 online grocery shoppers said their primary grocer does not offer eCom, indicating lost sales and loyalty opportunities for those primary grocers
  2. 64% of those who have tried online grocery shopping would switch grocers for a great digital experience
  3. GenX, men and those with children are the fastest growing segments for eGrocery this year

The 2016 Online Grocery Shopper infographic shares data from a recent report by Unata. The report reveals trends in eCommerce for 2016 including: men are more interested in eGrocery, GenX is the fastest growing segment for eGrocery and consumers with children are primed for online. I’m a perfect match for the demographic!

Online Grocery Shopper Demographics

Douglas Karr

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