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Descript Podcast Editing

It's not often that I get excited about a technology… but Descript has launched a podcast studio service that has some really intriguing features. The best, in my opinion, is the ability to edit audio without an actual audio editor. Descript transcribes your podcast, with the capability of editing your podcast through editing text!

I've been an avid podcaster for years, but I often dread editing my podcasts. In fact, I've let some amazing interviews fall by the wayside when the information in the podcast was time-sensitive… but I didn't have the time to make edits and publish it before the deadline.

In fact, if I record a 45 minute podcast, it takes an hour or even two hours to fully edit the recording, add intros and outros, send it out for transcription, and publish it online. I almost cringe when I get backed up by a few recordings. Still, it's such an effective medium and I have such a great audience that I need to continue to push forward.

Descript isn't just an editor, it's an entire Podcast and Video Studio platform. One other fascinating capability is the ability to actually insert words you actually hadn't spoken using their Overdub feature!

Features of Descript Include

  • Industry leading transcription – Descript partners with the most accurate transcription providers to make sure you’re always getting the best transcription out there.
  • Edit audio or video by editing text – Drag and drop to add music and sound effects. Video can be exported to Final Cut Pro or Premiere.
  • Use the Timeline Editor for fine-tuning with fades and volume editing.
  • Live Collaboration – Real time multiuser editing and commenting
  • Multitrack recording – Descript dynamically generates a single combined transcript
  • Overdub – Correct your voice recordings by simply typing. Powered by Lyrebird AI
  • Integrations – Via Zapier, you can connect Descript to hundreds of the most popular web apps.

If you'd like to join the Descript Beta, you can apply here:

Descript Beta Program

Hat tip to respected colleague Brad Shoemaker at Creative Zombie Studios for the find!

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