DESelect: Marketing Data Enablement Solutions for Salesforce AppExchange

DESelect Marketing Data Enablement for Salesforce AppExchange

It is of importance for marketers to establish 1:1 journeys with customers at scale, quickly, and efficiently. One of the most used marketing platforms used for this purpose is the Salesforce Marketing Cloud (SFMC).

SFMC offers a wide range of possibilities and combines that multifunctionality with unprecedented opportunities for marketers to connect with customers across different stages of their customer journey. The Marketing Cloud will, for example, not only enable marketers to define their data models, but is also perfectly capable of integrating or uploading multiple data sources, known as data extensions.

The enormous flexibility offered by SFMC is primarily attributed to the fact that many operations in the Marketing Cloud are run by SQL queries. Marketing activities such as segmentation, personalization, automation, or even reporting require a separate SQL query in the Marketing Cloud for marketers to filter, enrich, or combine the data extensions. Only a few marketers have the knowledge and skill to write, test, and debug SQL queries independently, making the segmentation process time-consuming (hence expensive) and most frequently prone to errors. The most likely scenario in any enterprise is that the marketing department depends on tech support internally or externally to manage their data in SFMC.

DESelect specializes in providing marketing data enablement solutions for Salesforce AppExchange. Its first drag-and-drop solution, DESelect Segment was specifically created for marketers with no coding experience, enabling them to instantly deploy the tool within just a few minutes of installation so they can get started right away with the segmentation of target groups for their campaigns. With DESelect Segment, marketers do not have to write a single SQL query.

DESelect Capabilities

DESelect has a range of ready solutions to increase the ROI in Salesforce Marketing Cloud for corporations:

  • DESelect Segment offers intuitive yet powerful segmentation features through selections. Selections allow users to combine data sources and apply filters to generate segments in a manner that obviates the need for SQL queries. Thanks to the tool, users can perform segmentation tasks in the SFMC 52% faster and launch their campaigns up to %23 faster, while continuing to make full use of the many possibilities afforded by the Marketing Cloud. DESelect enables marketers to segment, target, and personalize their communications independently (without the need of external experts) and with more creativity than ever before.
  • DESelect Connect is a marketing data integration solution that enables marketing automation professionals to save time by easily integrating and maintaining any data source via webhooks (API) to Salesforce Marketing Cloud and/or Salesforce CDP and back, using nothing but drag-and-drop features. Unlike big integration tools, DESelect Connect is built for work-smart marketers, making it nimbler, at a lower price compared to other solutions, and very easy to use. Like all DESelect products, Connect does not require any downtime for installation or setup, you simply plug-and-play. Most importantly, it doesn’t require self-hosting and is designed with SFMC limits on the number of API calls.
  • DESelect Search is not new, it has been available and still is as a Chrome Extension to help marketers easily search for anything in their marketing cloud. The fully integrated search bar allows you to look for Data Extensions, including:
    1. Email Templates
    2. User Sends
    3. Content
    4. Automations
    5. Query Activities
    6. Filter Definitions

This month, DESelect also released Search in AppExchange. The decision to add the product to the Salesforce marketplace was because of popular demand from users who work in organizations that don’t support chrome extensions. Now, every Marketing Cloud user gets to have the benefits of this user-friendly and time-saving tool.

  • deselect search 1
  • deselect search results

DESelect Segment Features

  • Join data extensions together – Users can use drag-and-drop to easily join data extensions together and define how they are related. Admins can pre-define these relations.
  • Exclude records – Similar to joining data extensions, users can show records they want to exclude from their selection.
  • Append data sources – It is easy with DESelect to append contacts from different data sources together.
  • Apply filter criteria – Users can apply a multitude of filters across data extensions and sources, supporting all field formats.
  • Perform calculations – Subqueries allow for the aggregation of data and performing of calculations, like how many purchases a customer has made or how much a customer has spent.
  • Sort and limit results – Users can sort their results alphabetically, by date, or any other way that is logical. They can also limit the number of results if needed.
  • Define and use picklists – Users can assign picklist values and labels as an admin, enabling their team to filter with more certainty.
  • Set manual or rule-based values – Users can personalize their results, by setting manual or rule-based values, for example, Female becomes Miss and Male becomes Mister.
  • Deduplicate records with rules – Records can be deduplicated through one or many rules, given a certain priority.
  • Use waterfall segmentation – Users can apply cascading rules to use ‘waterfall segmentation’.

DESelect Success Stories

Currently, DESelect is trusted by global brands like Volvo Cars Europe, T-Mobile, HelloFresh, and A1 Telekom. The company’s policy of keeping a close relationship with its clients where training and dedicated support in the initial stage, even though the app is ready from the installation date, has allowed for continuous success stories.

Emerald Case Study: California-based Emerald is an operator of large-scale live and immersive B2B events and trade shows. Founded in 1985, this market-leading brand has connected over 1.9 million customers across 142 events and 16 media properties.

Emerald recently started to use SFMC. Soon after using the cloud, their marketing automation team discovered how much there’s a heavy reliance on SQL queries with no user-friendly solution for marketers with no SQL expertise. They found inefficiencies in building out data extensions beforehand and struggled with the inflexibility of having to define all fields in advance.

Before using DESelect, Emerald’s marketers did not have database access, as their central team had built segments previously. DESelect helped Emerald in enabling it’s marketing team to access and manage data all while creating segments efficiently, and independently. Now, they even look into rolling out DESelect to the marketers themselves to completely enable their SFMC users.

DESelect has increased efficiency by 50%. It’s a lot easier to do something ad-hoc now.

Gregory Nappi, Sr. Director, Data Management & Analytics at Emerald

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