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Design Trends for 2018

Design Trends for 2018

We’re working with a client that is moving up from medium-sized businesses to enterprise businesses and one of the key strategies is to graphically redesign their website – new fonts, new color scheme, new patterns, new graphic elements. All of these visual indicators will assist a visitor that their site is focused on enterprise companies rather than smaller ones.

I believe a lot of design agencies miss the subtleties that may cause a visitor to exit a site and choose a competitor simply because the site doesn’t “feel” right to them… it happens every day.

For the past few years, Coastal Creative has been researching and releasing great templates that highlight the changes that consumers and businesses are seeing when it comes to graphic design elements. They recently published their newest infographic for 2018 on design trends – and here are the highlights:

2018 is all about contrast: blending vectors with photographs, retro patterns with modern colors and typography, two-dimensional environments with three-dimensional designs, and static illustrations with subtle movements. As internet users and consumers, we’re in for a year of design that makes the best of distinct worlds.

The infographic walks through these design trends:

  • Intersecting elements – fonts, shapes, and other graphics that are intersecting with one another.
  • Duotone – thanks to Spotify for advancing the trend, duotone images are in style. See: Photoshop Duotone Tutorial
  • Retro-Modern Illustrations – combining the new style illustrations with retro color schemes.
  • Patterned Backgrounds – tiled backgrounds that aren’t too busy but accentuate the focus graphic.
  • Bright Colored Gradients – bright colors and textured gradient backgrounds.
  • Thoughtful Animations – subtle animations that reflect intention of the subjects in the video.
  • Isometric Design – three-dimensional graphics drawn in two dimensions.
  • Split-Page Design – the juxtaposition of two or more representations of a  graphical object or imagery.

Here’s the entire infographic with examples of each design trend:

Design Trends 2018

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