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Designer Terminology: Fonts, Files, Acronyms and Layout Definitions

There’s quite a bit of terminology utilized when describing designs and this infographic from Pagemodo, How To Speak Designer: Graphic Design Terms Every Marketer Should Know.

Like any relationship you cultivate, it’s important that both parties are speaking the same language from the start. In order to help you brush up on your design language, we sat down with professional designers and found out the terms they use most often with clients, and those that tend to trip the average person up a bit.

The infographic provides definitions and descriptions of common process terminology like wireframes, comps, and prototypes. Typography terms like leading, kerning, fonts and web safe fonts. Layout terms like bleed, grid, white space, gradient, padding and margin. Web design terms like below the fold, responsive, resolution, and web colors as well as some acronyms and file types.


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