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The good folks at Webtrends (client) have released an incredible whitepaper from their Director of Mobile Analytics, Eric Rickson. Developing a Strategy for Mobile Maturity and Investment walks through key performance indicators in a mobile strategy. Beyond the topic of mobile analytics, one of the key paragraphs I found was:

Too frequently, marketers skip the critical step of defining and planning a mobile market strategy, heading straight to application development instead. Many enter the mobile arena with an iPhone app, cross their fingers, and hope it achieves something positive. Others roll out mobile apps across all major platforms and hope one catches on. Often companies publish an app and then spend their resources maintaining it. And others choose to focus on mobile web because they believe apps will go the way of the dinosaur.

We've been writing a lot about Mobile Marketing here on Martech. As a medium, it's one of the fastest growing but least pursued. Companies who are attacking mobile are reaping the benefits, though. Retailer eBay achieved more than $2.5 billion in sales through mobile in 2010 and expects to double that amount in 2011.

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Be sure to download this whitepaper for in-depth guidance on the metrics that marketers can utilize to monitor and improve their mobile strategy. With over 450,000 Apps out there, it's easy to get lost in the mix. Developing a mobile strategy – then attacking the platform is better advice than dumping a ton of money into developing an app that no one wants, needs, or doesn't provide benefit to your bottom line.


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    Thanks, Douglas for the tip about Eric Rickson’s paper…an interesting read. As a mobile developer, I’m particularly excited about the Stanley Research prediction about mobile internet users surpassing desktop users by 2014.

    Wonder how many apps will be available by then?

    Oh, and your quote of 450,000 apps was for Apple’s App Store — there are many more available (soon to be more than Apple!) in Google’s store, Amazon’s store, plus those by RIM, Microsoft, etc.

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