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DialogTech: Call Attribution and Conversion Analytics

Before smartphones and mobile devices, when digital marketing was 100 percent desktop, attribution was simpler. A consumer clicked on a company’s ad or email, visited a landing page, and filled out a form to either become a lead or complete a purchase.

Marketers could tie that lead or purchase to the correct marketing source and accurately measure return on spend for every campaign and channel. They simply needed to review all touches to determine the value of each channel, and they could optimize their impact on revenue by investing in what’s working and eliminating what isn’t. The CMO could also confidently defend their budget to the CEO by proving its impact on revenue.

But in today’s mobile-first world where more and more consumers convert by calling, attribution is more of a challenge — not only in determining the source of the call, but of the resulting outcome as well. These billions of monthly phone calls fall outside the view of most marketing tools, creating a huge black hole in the marketing attribution data marketers depend on to prove ROI and improve revenue generation. This data about the conversion via a call gets lost forever. This data can include:

  • Marketing source of the call: What mobile, digital, or offline channel drove the call – including the ad, campaign, and keyword search – and any web pages and content on your site the caller viewed before and after calling.
  • Caller data: Who the caller is, their phone number, their geographic location, the day and time of the call, and more.
  • Type of call: What was the caller’s intent – was it a sales call or other type (support, HR, solicitation, misdial, etc.)?
  • Call outcome and value: Where the call was routed, how long the conversation lasted, what was said on the call, and if the call converted to a sales opportunity or to revenue (and the size or value of the opportunity).

Attribution for phone calls is the most pressing challenge facing data-driven marketers today. Without it, marketers can’t accurately measure marketing ROI and optimize spend for what’s really driving leads and revenue. Additionally, marketers are unable to confidently defend budgets to the CEO. In short, the black hole puts marketing teams under increased pressure to defend their value and costs businesses customers.

“Inbound phone calls are one of the strongest buying indicators in any customer journey. DialogTech enables enterprise marketing teams and agencies to optimize digital campaigns for customer calls using the same martech solutions and processes they already use for clicks.” – Irv Shapiro, CEO, DialogTech

DialogTech serves as a strategic partner to over 5,000 enterprises, agencies, and fast-growing companies across a wide variety of industries. Current customers include Ben & Jerry’s,, Comfort Keepers, Terminix, with three compelling use cases being F5 Media, HotelsCorp, and Sleep Train Mattress Centers.

Utilizing effective call tracking with attribution and conversion tracking, marketers can optimize AdWords and Bing search campaigns to drive not just more calls, but more customers and revenue:

  • Use Keyword-Level Call Tracking to Prove and Improve ROI: Understand exactly how your paid search campaigns drive calls, and then optimize for the keywords, ads, landing pages, locations, and days/times that drive the most (and best) customer calls.
  • Route Callers Based on Call Tracking Data: Use call tracking data captured at the time of the call to route each caller optimally, getting them to the best person to convert them to a sale. Call routing technology can route callers in real time based on a wide range of options, including the marketing source (keywords, ad, and landing page), the time and day, the caller’s location, and more.
  • Analyze Conversations to Improve PPC: Use conversation analytics technology to see if paid search callers used your long tail or other keywords, how they describe their pain points and the solutions they are interested in, and more. You can use that knowledge to expand or fine-tune keyword targeting and make ad and landing page messaging more effective.

DialogTech Overview

DialogTech’s platform solves one of the most pressing challenges in today’s mobile-first world by eliminating the black hole in marketing performance data from inbound calls. As marketers face mounting pressure to drive not only leads but revenue, DialogTech’s platform empowers marketers with the call attribution data needed to confidently invest in campaigns that drive calls, as well as the conversion technology necessary to convert callers into customers. It is call attribution and conversion technology built specifically for marketers that works for calls to any location and can be used with – or completely independent of – a business’s call center.

dialogtech dashboard

DialogTech provides:

  • End-to-end call attribution data: So much more than call tracking. The only solution that tells marketers how their campaigns drive customer calls, if calls convert to sales, and why – closing the loop between dollar spent and dollar earned.
  • Real-time call conversion technology: The only solution for marketers to control routing and personalize every call experience in real time, ensuring each caller is connected right away to the best person to convert them to a sale.

DialogTech most recently launched SourceTrak™ 3.0 – the first and only call tracking solution designed to meet the data, affordability, reliability and ease-of-implementation requirements of Fortune 1000 companies, large multi-location organizations and the marketing agencies they work with.

In addition to SourceTrak 3.0, DialogTech has launched the following solutions in 2015, further powering its Voice360® platform:

  • SpamSentry™ Spam Call Prevention: The only solution in the call tracking industry that utilizes adaptive, machine-learning technology that stops fraudulent and unwanted calls before they reach a company’s sales team. SpamSentry also prevents spam call data from appearing in the analytics that marketers depend on to measure the performance of mobile marketing campaigns. Key features include: Artificial neural networks, adaptable to new spam, and keypress technology. Read more at:
  • DialogTech for Mobile Marketing: The first and only comprehensive marketing solution for tracking, controlling, and optimizing customer calls from mobile advertising. This solution also provides marketers with the most accurate keyword-level call attribution data for Google call extensions. Along with call attribution, additional capabilities include: Contextual call routing, Conversation Insight call recording and analytics, and integrations to include campaign-specific caller analytics data with martech and adtech applications to improve campaign performance.
  • LeadFlow™ for Pay-Per-Call: The most advanced call routing, attribution, and management solution built for pay-per-call campaigns. LeadFlow gives affiliate and performance marketers complete control over where phone leads are sent from every marketing channel, which calls get counted as valid leads, and much more.

dialogtech attribution

Douglas Karr

Douglas Karr is CMO of OpenINSIGHTS and the founder of the Martech Zone. Douglas has helped dozens of successful MarTech startups, has assisted in the due diligence of over $5 bil in Martech acquisitions and investments, and continues to assist companies in implementing and automating their sales and marketing strategies. Douglas is an internationally recognized digital transformation and MarTech expert and speaker. Douglas is also a published author of a Dummie's guide and a business leadership book.

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